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Client Comments

We wouldn't make a move without them! - Joe Mathis, President, J&B Management

I'm very glad to have used their services! - Sam Apostle, former President, Ramada Corporation

Les successfully automated the first Hyatt. - Paul Tang, Vice President, Hyatt Hotels

I've known and worked with Les Spielman and his firm for over twelve years. Each year, I am increasingly impressed by his knowledge and ability to guide his clients (including my Company) through the ever-changing phone, interconnect, PBX and pricing minefield. It takes an expert like Spielman to keep me current enough and well-advised on these issues, so I can remain on track in my decision-making process. - Dave Berkus, CEO, Hotelware Corporation

I appreciate your dedication to Wyndham and our industry. You are truly one of the most knowledgeable IT and Telecom guys I know and am proud to have you on our team.
- Mark Hedley, Former CIO, Wyndham International

The first time I heard the term Y2K was in a conversation with Les in 1992. He subsequently wrote the first story in the hotel press on the subject. Les has a firm grasp on where technology is headed in the hotel industry. I always listen when he presents a new concept to me because after all, it could be the next Y2K.  - Ed Watkins, Editor, Lodging Hospitality


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