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Alec To
Managing Director Australia

Personal Overview of Alec To

Project management for the installation of hotels including Front Office, Back Office and Point-of-Sales systems. Management of installation and support for hospitality systems.

Software development for the hospitality industry in the last ten years includes:

  • Food and beverage inventory control.
  • Convention booking and scheduling.
  • Personnel
  • Engineering Maintenance
  • Equipment Scheduling
  • Membership and debtors
  • Sales Analysis
  • Yield Analysis
  • On line guest charge interface
  • Head Office and remote site communication system.
  • Retail point of sales and inventory control.

These systems are developed in Dbase III and IV, FoxPro for DOS and Visual FoxPro for Windows.

Technical Experience

From 1974 to present, worked in the computer industry with mainframes to PCs. Experience includes programming, systems programming, systems analysis and project manager in industries ranging from finance and banking to transport, medical and hospitality.

Extensive system development experience in all areas of the hospitality industry including hotels, clubs, restaurant and fast food, convention centres and the racing clubs.

Computer and Communication Consultant for the following projects:

  • Ritz Carlton, Double Bay - Computer, Point of Sales, Security and PABX
  • Lilianfels Blue Mountains - Computer, Point of Sales and PABX
  • The Observatory Hotel - Computer, Point of Sales and PABX
  • Project Manager for Hotel Systems Pty Ltd
  • Project management for the installation of the Regent of Sydney Hotel in 1982. The installation included:
    • Front Office
    • Back Office
    • Point of Sales
    • PABX interface

  • Management of ongoing maintenance, support and upgrade for the Hotel from 1982 to 1990 including upgrades:
    • NEC 2400 interface
    • NOVELL Local Area Network to automate most departments in the hotel, on of the first in the hotel industry.
    • Front Office to word processing, telex and fax interface.
    • Payroll, personnel, engineering, sales and inventory control system.
    • UNIX based Back Office system.

Other major projects include:

  • Project Management of installation of Front Office and Point of Sales system in Regent of Auckland.
  • Project Management of installation of the Ramada Renaissance Sydney, included Front and Back Office, Point of Sales and PABX interface, Novell Network.
  • Management of hardware and software installation and support to Hotel Systems Pty Ltd clients including over forty hotel installations from 50 to 600 rooms. The systems installed are mainly Local Area Networks based systems.


  • Bachelor of Engineering, University of N.S.W.
  • Master of Engineering Science, University of N.S.W.
  • Master of Commerce, University of N.S.W.

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