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Claude (Mac) E. McCormick

Personal Overview of Claude (Mac) E. McCormick

Mr. McCormick has more than 30 years' experience in various aspects of the telecommunications industry, most of which has been in the design of fiber optic and copper cable systems. Beginning as a lineman and splicer, he gained practical firsthand experience in the placement and splicing of aerial, buried, and underground cable. Since then, Mr. McCormick has held many managerial and supervisory positions for US West and Mountain Bell. Mr. McCormick now brings his expertise to Hospitality Automation Consultants Ltd.

He supervised engineering groups that studied and planned outside plant projects. Besides outside plant, Mr. McCormick has designed and supervised engineering efforts for central offices and BICS (building industries consultant services). Mr. McCormick has been a member of the Society of Telecommunications Consultants since 1992.

EDUCATION: Regis College, Denver, Colorado Miscellaneous Mountain Bell and US WEST Training Courses

REGISTRATION - Certified Engineer, NARTE (National Association of Radio and Telephone Engineers) Since1986


  • Board of Directors - Broomfield Chamber of Commerce - 1991-1994
  • Chairman of the Board - Broomfield Chamber of Commerce - 1989-1990
  • City of Broomfield - Planning & Zoning Commission - 1987-1992

AFFILIATIONS: NARTE - National Association of Radio and Telephone Engineers


Mr. McCormick is a telecommunications consultant assisting clients in providing strategic planning, design and implementation of telecommunications systems and infrastructures. His responsibilities encompass supervision of the outside plant design, engineering and implementation of telecommunications systems. This includes the design, engineering and implementation supervision of fiber optic, conduit, and copper infrastructures along with any required ROW procurement.

County Government - Engineer, Design and install a complete integrated voice, data, video and radio system for the County of Albany City of Laramie, Wyoming, E911 system.

Provided complete project management services for the design, procurement, and installation of the various essential services of the City of Laramie, Wyoming and Albany County.

Department of Energy - Title Three drawing review for fiber optic outside plant installation. Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Facility, Colorado.

International - Design and implementation of a integrated telecommunications and security system for a gold mine in the former Soviet Union. Provided state side support for a crew of four for equipment procurement. Bateman Engineering, Colorado.

Outside plant engineering and design for held orders. Also performed records research for clearing held orders. Supervised other engineers on the project and was responsible for the maintenance of 11 wire centers. US WEST, North Eastern Colorado.

General Manager - Source One Engineers, Inc. - Jan. 1994 - Aug. 1994

Mr. McCormick worked with the parent company of Source One Management, Inc. in order to establish a civil and telecommunications engineering company. The formation of Source One Engineers, Inc. was the result of that effort.

PROJECTS: Implementation of $3.2 million dollars of telephone, water, gas, power and sewer infrastructure for the Interlocken Technology Park. This included the hiring of appropriate drafting and civil engineering staff to complete the infrastructure project as well as design and implementation of a new overpass over US 36 for entrance into the park. Interlocken Technology Park, Broomfield, Colorado.

Senior Project Manager - Power Engineers, Inc. - 1990-1993

Mr. McCormick was a significant player in the formation of the Colorado Office for Telecommunications within Power Engineers, Inc. Mr. McCormick provided complete project management for the Interlocken Technology Park preliminary design of the infrastructure required for the park. This included the close coordination with all public and private utilities and infrastructure design for telephone, gas, water, sewer and power. Mr. McCormick provided complete telecommunications design engineering services for the Grand Lake Central Office in Colorado. This project involved the analysis and design of all fiber optic and copper cable systems and underground conduit design. He was responsible for the new design of underground conduit and fiber optic cable in Vail, Colorado. Mr. McCormick was involved with the design of digital electronic equipment for these telecommunication projects.

PROJECTS: Strategic planning and design, project management and supervision for implementation of new infrastructure. Interlocken Technology Park, Inc., Broomfield, Colorado.

Complete design and engineering services for new Central Office, including fiber, copper and underground systems design. US WEST Communications, Grand Lake Central Office, Grand Lake, Colorado

Provided complete design of a subscriber loop carrier system for US WEST in the Antonito Exchange in southern Colorado. The design of this system required the utilization of existing copper cable. The design included proper spacing for repeaters and load conditioning for fault locate and order wire circuits. The scope of services included preparation of all permitting documents, preparation of all easement requests for pocket easements, coordination with other utilities, and the design of the transmit and receive circuits for the AT&T SLC-96 System. US WEST Communications, Antonito Exchange, Southern Colorado

Designed the conduit and fiber optic cable for US WEST in the Ft. Collins and Red Feather Lakes exchanges. This design provided inter-office fiber trunking from the US WEST Central Office in Ft. Collins to the U S WEST Central Office in Red Feather Lakes. The scope of services included route selection, preparation of all permitting documents, preparation of all requests for private right-of-way, coordination with other utilities, design of conduits and manholes for the trunk route, and design of the fiber optic cable to be placed. US WEST Communications, Ft. Collins & Red Feather Lakes Exchanges, Northern Colorado.

US WEST Communications, Network Facilities Planning Center, Colorado

Mr. McCormick supervised a group of engineers responsible for studying and making the final decisions for current and long range outside plant planning functions within the Denver metropolitan area. Mr. McCormick formulated study assumptions and oversaw programs to develop and maintain economically derived outside plant plans within a specified geographic area. Mr. McCormick supervised the planning of optimized construction and maintenance projects. These projects were based on accepted economic considerations and a thorough analysis of alternatives. Mr. McCormick retired in 1990 with 25 years service.

Mountain Bell Distribution Services Design Center, Colorado

As Assistant Manager, Mr. McCormick supervised an engineering group that was responsible for studies, field investigations, and initiation of work orders within the Denver Metro area. He supervised the activities of the distribution services design center, the equipment engineering center, the maintenance management center, the interoffice facilities/equipment planning center and the loop assignment center. Mr. McCormick selected and designed local loop cable systems within the transmission limitations of specific central offices. In addition to engineering duties, he supervised lower level management and craft employees.

Mountain Bell Distribution Services Design Center/Building Industries Consultant, Colorado

As a Technical Assistant to the Distribution Services Design Center, Mr. McCormick had direct responsibility for the design and drafting of outside plant engineering work orders for local loop feeder and distribution.

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