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Les Spielman
President & CEO

Les Spielman President and CEO of Hospitality Automation Corporation ltd.Curriculum Vitae - Lester I. Spielman

Les Spielman is known as an expert in a number of critical areas of hospitality technology, including areas of communications technology, information technologies and more.

Recognized as a frequent speaker at hospitality events worldwide, most recently Les was a featured speaker at the first HOFEX conference in Hong Kong in 2011, an event affiliated with HITEC - the largest technology conference in the world.  He has appeared in events in numerous U.S. and European countries as well as in Asia.

Mr. Spielman earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Brooklyn College after his honorable medical discharge from the United States Army. He received the Purple Heart before he had the opportunity to finish his O.C.S. training. He then attended Columbia University and received his Masters degree in Marketing.

Les was then employed with Ideal Toy Corporation as a National Field Sales Manager. He was promoted to National Sales Manager in 6 months and was responsible for sales over $55 million per year.

Over the years Les has held the following positions:
  • Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Tele-Graphic Computer Systems
  • Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing of EECO (Electronic Engineering Company)
  • Director of Sales and Marketing of ROBERTSHAW Controls Company
  • Manager, Internal Operations of Rockwell International
  • Vice President of Wesco

In the early 1970's Les was instrumental in the design and implementation of the largest private international telecommunications network in the world, for North American Rockwell. This system was called "CASNET". This network was totally independant of AT&T or any other telephone company.

In 1976, Les joined ROBERTSHAW Controls Company and was in charge of all automation in the Hospitality industry. ROBERTSHAW Controls Company is a pioneer in the HVAC industry. He specialized in energy management and digital transmission of data via the utilization of the existing electrical wiring with a 100% accuracy rate. He was instrumental in the development of this technology and aided in the acquisition of these patents.

In 1979 Les founded "The Spielman Company", a high tech consulting firm. In 1985, a new division was formed called "Hospitality Automation Consultants Ltd". This company specializes in all areas of automation and communications in the lodging and hospitality industry.

Les had served several elected terms on the Board of Directors of the Society of Telecommunications Consultants. He is also a member of the Marketing Executives Club of New York and one of the founders of "Tel-Pros". In addition, he is a frequent guest speaker throughout the world, specializing in the latest technological advances in the telecommunications and automation fields. He has published in excess of forty technology articles in major national and international publications.

In 1994 he was installed into the "International WHO'S WHO of Professionals" and appeared again in the 1995 issue.

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