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Noreen Hulteen

Personal Overview of Noreen Hulteen - MHS

Prior to joining Hospitality Automation Consultants Ltd. Noreen worked for AT&T in many capacities, retiring after 29 years of sevice. Among her many accomplishments are the following:

Administrative Experience:

  • 12 years as Assistant Manager and Manager responsible for training, development, and supervision of 35 to 300 management and non-management Operator Services employees. This duty included the development of local course material to keep employees current in a fast-changing environment.
  • 3 years, as Administrative Manager for a headquarters department. Responsible for the development of formal training manuals. Also prepared `white papers" for California State Legislative Committees on privacy and supervisory monitoring issues.

Technical Experience:

  • Responsible for completing the engineering and production of the software parameters of a $17 million call processor (in Assembler Language).
  • Responsible for the engineering and programming of trunk concentrators.
  • Responsible for the management of hotel telecommunications services in San Francisco Bay Area as they changed from electro-mechanical to computer-driven technology.
  • Developed software and hardware requirements for Hotel Quote Services. Interfaced with Bell Labs. engineers to ensure a customer-friendly end product. Managed the change process after AT&T Divestiture.
  • Installed and trained a new organization of Quote Service Coordinators nationwide to manage Hotel Quote Service.
  • Wrote and delivered a training manual for AT&T upper management to increase their technical knowledge, with heavy focus on hotel applications.
  • As Product Manager, developed AT&T's Hotel Network Service (HNS)

Sales Experience:

  • As Applications Manager, developed the AT&T sales plan for 0 + Contracts. She sold over $20 million Public Telephone 0 + contracts immediately prior to Public Telephone Equal Access, and trained and developed AT&T's #1 team.
  • As Account Executive, sold over $7M per year to hotels.
  • As Product Manager, sold AT&T Hotel Network Service to state associations and multiple hotel management companies.
  • Trained 500 AT&T sales employees on selling to hotels.

Noreen's formal education was completed in England, with additional college courses in Traffic Engineering, Management, Marketing, Economics, and Public speaking completed in U.S.A. She also completed American Hotel & Motel Association's course on hotel supplying and was certified Master Hotel Supplier (MHS) in 1991.

With her husband, a City Councilman, she is very active in local politics, having managed 2 successful campaigns. She is President of the Hayward Friends of the Library, Director of Project Legacy (objective - to raise $380,000 from the community to expand the library), and Executive Vice President (Marketing) of the Classical Philharmonic of Northern California. Her hobbies are reading, skiing, crafts, landscaping, and cooking.

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