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Vic Spielman
Manager U.S. Affairs

Vic served in the U.S. Army as a specialist in Guided Missiles. He earned the rank of SPEC 3. After receiving an honorable discharge Vic returned to Brooklyn College and earned his BA with a major in marketing.

Work history: Vic's forte is in the Sales and Marketing area. At the age of 33 Vic worked his way up from being a route salesperson to Executive VP in charge of Marketing and Sales of the largest firm of it's kind in the U.S. He oversaw a national sales organization of 35 and 7 regional Vice Presidents. Amongst his many duties he was charged with the responsibilities to keep costs down while increasing sales and profits. Under his guidance, Vic increased the company's volume from under six million dollars annually to over seventy eight million dollars in less than 15 years. He attained a sales to cost of sales and marketing ratio of 3.3 %. Vic traveled extensively throughout all of North America and the Caribbean during his tenure. He has received numerous awards for his efforts and there have been numerous articles published on his achievements.

In 1986 he formed VSA and Associates, an international sales and marketing company. During this time VSA diversified by solving space and productivity designs for office and home.

Vic joined Hospitality Automation Consultants Ltd. in 1990 as a sales consultant. His vast knowledge of marketing and budget control has propelled him through the years to the position of Senior Vice President of sales and marketing. Today Vic's involvement with Hospitality Automation Consultants Ltd. is very much "hands on" and leads the company through the maze of marketing and client retention. Through Vic's efforts Hospitality Automation Consultants Ltd. enjoys one of the most enviable client retention in the industry, 98 percent. Vic is also responsible for all post assignment follow-up and client review. This novel idea has proved to be an invaluable asset to the company. Vic's keen insight keeps HACL as the leading hospitality technology consulting firm, worldwide.

Vic is headquartered in our Delray Beach, Florida offices and continues his travels throughout North America and the Caribbean meeting with clients and assuring that all work performed meets and exceeds the client's expectations.

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