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World’s leading hotel technology consulting partnership created. (Click for release)

Industry Veteran Dave Berkus Joins Consulting Firm As Partner. (Click for release)

Spielman Interviewed On French TV At Alcatel Forum
Les Spielman was amongst the ten top U.S. consultants invited to attend the International Alcatel Forum  “Making IP Communications Work For You” in Paris, France. Each consultant chosen to attend is considered to be the leader in their field. He was chosen because of his knowledge of the Hospitality industry. Les was the only consultant from the world wide consultant contingency chosen to be interviewed.

HACL introduces a new internet site www.hacl.net, and celebrates it with a new website make over.

Spielman interviewed by KFWB Radio: In a multi part series on their “business hour”, KFWB, a CBS news station, has aired numerous interviews with Les Spielman on telecommunications issues affecting the public.

HACL reached the 2,000 successful project mark with the completion of phase one of the Wyndham International Audit. Several additional Wyndham International projects were added.

Wyndham International: HACLsuccessfully completed the redesign of Wyndham International’s new ATM/VPN network. The new network has set new higher standards for all hospitality chains throughout the world. The new robust network will allow for higher burstable bandwidth and bandwidth on demand. The novel and unique network will allow instant voice and data transmission between all properties and squarely puts Wyndham in the forefront of leading edge technology. Many new areas of increased productivity and guest satisfaction will be implemented shortly.

Further, HACL successfully negotiated Wyndham’s regular voice grade contracts that realizes an annual savings for Wyndham in excess of $3.1mm.

Wyndham International:  Hospitality Automation Consultants is pleased to announce that we have been chosen by Wyndham International to audit all of their hotels worldwide. Initial results indicate a complete payback in two months. The annual projected savings were expected to exceed $4,000,000.

In addition, Wyndham signed several additional technology contracts with HACL for an additional four years.

THE SAGAMORE:  Hospitality Automation Consultants Ltd. is pleased to announce the completion of our 1,400th project, the automation of the world famous, 5 Star, 5 Diamond destination resort, THE SAGAMORE. The Sagamore is unique in that it occupies an entire island in the middle of Lake George, NY, and is registered as a national historic landmark, as it was initially built in the 1890s.

The property encompasses over 70 acres in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains. In addition, the resort has a world class golf course designed by Donald Ross that is over two miles away on the mainland, spanning several state highways, and much private land. Since the course is an integral part of the hotel, the need for both voice and data communications is extrememly vital. However, since we faced a two mile distance from the switch to the clubhouse, conventional methods of connecting the two sites was out of the question. The previous method of communications between the hotel was extremely costly and slow. Futher complications included the New York State parks commission which mandates the region as a “no build, no change” zone. Therefore, we could not disturb any of the existing landscape. The property also has an extremely high water table, which made trenching extremely costly.

HACL was responsible for rebuilding the entire communications backbone of the property, specifying the most advanced fiber optics network. Further, a new state of the art PBX was specifically designed, in a nodal configuration to handle the voice and data traffic of this year-round resort.

Perhaps most importantly of all, the project was completed on time, UNDER BUDGET, without any disruption of service to any guest, and without breaking any State Park rules. To view The Sagamore just click on this link.

The Society of Telecommunication Consultants announced today that it has reelected Les Spielman of Hospitality Automation Consultants Ltd. to a third term as member of it’s Board of Directors.

The Society of Telecommunications Consultants is an international organization of telecommunications professionals who serve clients in business, industry, and government. It was incorporated in New York in 1976 by a group of concerned consultants saw a need for a self-regulating body in the profession. Applicants for membership are thoroughly screened to determine that they meet the Society’s stringent criteria.

The STC has a nonvoting Vendor Advisory Council comprised of companies offering telecommunications products and services. The VAC supports consultant members with comprehensive technical information and provides valuable assistance in solving problems in the field.

A major voice in regulatory legislative, and commercial concerns, the STC is working as a positive force in the telecommunications industry.