Services of HACL – and client TESTIMONIALS

Hospitality Automation Consultants is unique in that we do not leave a project at its “soft opening”, when system changes are still needed. Our clients have our guarantee that all systems will be integrated and operational as per our RFP. We provide 30 days of “after care” at no additional cost. Many of our clients retain our services after their opening, engaging us to take on the automation “system administrator” duties. This saves our clients substantial sums related to the hiring, training, and maintaining of an automation and telecommunications full time staff of its own. Not only does this substantially reduce costs, but it also assures full utilization of equipment. In many cases our clients have outsourced their entire IT and Telecom services to us, resulting in large savings for them, while reducing their own in-house staff.

We have a unique policy:

Here is a sampling of the services we offer:

  • High speed Internet evaluation, procurement, deployment
  • WiFi evaluation, procurement, deployment
  • Emergency notification systems
  • Smart TV evaluation
  • Security and video surveillance
  • Point of Sale (POS)
  • Energy Management
  • Paging and Sound Systems
  • LAN and WAN Design, Feasability Studies
  • “Smart Buildings”
  • Casino Player Tracking
  • Casino Surveillance
  • SMATV/MATV Systems, CCTV
  • Electronic Door Locking Systems
  • Teleconferencing/Videoconferencing
  • Project Management/Critical Path Responsibilities
  • Call accounting systems for converging networks.
  • Business process optimization
  • Preparing for corporate sale or IPO
  • Network design and optimization
  • Profit analysis and maximization
  • Telecommunications-PBX (Voice and Data – Wireless and Hard Wired)
  • Voice-over-Internet-Protocol systems (VoIP)
  • PBX Fraud and Abuse Prevention
  • Call Centers/ACD Application
  • Telephone Billing Optimization Studies
  • Central Reservations Systems
  • Computer Telephone Integration
  • Long Range Strategic Planning
  • Property Management Systems (PMS)
  • Telephone Call Accounting (TCA)
  • Answer Detection and Voice Mail
  • New Products Analysis and Planning
  • Assistance in acquiring financing or leasing
  • Strategic planning and facilitation

This list represents only an outline of our services. We would be more than pleased to meet with you and your personnel and describe in greater detail more specific information on how we can be of benefit to you.

Here is what some of our clients say about HACL:

We wouldn’t make a move without them! – Joe Mathis, President, J&B Management

I’m very glad to have used their services! – Sam Apostle, former President, Ramada Corporation

Les successfully automated the first Hyatt. – Paul Tang, Vice President, Hyatt Hotels

HACL is part of the Oxy family.  Our work together over the last three years has changed the college’s future in the most positive way.  We went from having a 25 year old phone system to a state of the art system and Les and his team made this happen.  His knowledge and expertise are why we started working with HACL.  The quality of work, personal touch and unequaled technical knowledge are the reason we continue working with HACL.  With HACL you get the best in the business.  More importantly, you get a trusted advisor, an expert and a friend. – James Uhrich – CIO – Occidental College

I’ve known and worked with Les Spielman and his firm for over twelve years. Each year, I am increasingly impressed by his knowledge and ability to guide his clients (including my Company) through the ever-changing phone, interconnect, PBX and pricing minefield. It takes an expert like Spielman to keep me current enough and well-advised on these issues, so I can remain on track in my decision-making process. – CEO, Hotelware Corporation

I appreciate your dedication to Wyndham and our industry. You are truly one of the most knowledgeable IT and Telecom guys I know and am proud to have you on our team.
Mark Hedley, Former CIO, Wyndham International

The first time I heard the term Y2K was in a conversation with Les in 1992. He subsequently wrote the first story in the hotel press on the subject. Les has a firm grasp on where technology is headed in the hotel industry. I always listen when he presents a new concept to me because after all, it could be the next Y2K.  Ed Watkins, Editor, Lodging Hospitality

Dave Berkus is very well connected in the hospitality industry and an excellent person to have on your team when you go to battle. As a member of IP3’s board of directors, he was a great mentor for me in a number of areas including corporate governance, cash flow management, and fundraising.   Mike Lee, CEO and Co-Founder , IP3 Networks

Mr. Berkus has been an incredible resource for our company and for my personal development as a CEO. His insights and candor about the technology business in terms of strategic planning, funding, and valuation are tremendous.   Kevin Perkins, CEO Skweezer, Inc.

Dave Berkus is the ultimate resource and final authority when it comes to business, investing, and corporate governance – to mention a few. Dave’s knowledge and experience is priceless. Working with him and learning from him never ends. J.J. Richa, Managing Director, Trenchant Ventures, LLC.