Testimonials – Partner Les Spielman

Mark Hedley, Executive Vice President, CIO Wyndham International: “I have worked with Les for many years.Les is by far the smartest and best telecom consultant that I have ever met. He has saved us many millions of dollars.”

Marty Fine, President of Less Charge: “There is no more knowledgeable individual in hospitality automation than Les. Meeting him 30 years ago and seeing his tremendous contributions to major hospitality chains throughout these years allows me to confidently recommend Les as a consultant who genuinely cares about the clients he serves, resulting in flawless system implementation from start to finish.”

Nelson Giles, International Marketing Professional: “During the years I have had many opportunities to work with Les on large hotel projects throughout North America. He is a hospitality specialist and one of the best in the world.”

Paul Cook, Manager National Accounts at Pinnacle Communications: “Les is and has been a well-respected consultant in the hospitality industry for many years. While conducting business internationally, Les has always treated his partners and business relationships equally, well making sure the needs and support of his clients are always kept in the forefront.”

Ben Sanford, President at Ben Sanford & Associates, Inc.: “I’ve known Les for over 20 years and he is my go-to guy for anything regarding hospitality issues and solutions. His breadth of understanding and huge number of contacts in the industry are second to none.”

Ivan Sindell, President, GCSRi Corporation: “Les is a world class expert on hospitality technology systems, especially telecommunications. He has worked on many of the world’s pre-eminent hotel properties and develops outstanding client relationships.”

Devi Momot, CISSP, GSLC, GISP CEO at Twinstate Technologies: “We worked with Les on many occasions and found his knowledge and connections in the industry of the highest caliber. We enjoyed his open approach to challenges and solutions. He is a great collaborative team player. Looking forward to more years of working together.”

Tony Lee, Business Transformation | Strategist | Employee eXperience – Enabling Success Where It Matters Most: “Les has been instrumental in assisting FCS Computer Systems set up in North America, without which , we would have had a challenging time meandering through the complex corridors of company incorporations and hires as a start up.”

David Kendrick Sr. Infrastructure Architect at Pegasus Logistics Group: “I had the pleasure of working with Les and his company Hospitality Automation on two occasions while I was with Wyndham International. Each occasion Les proved why they are leaders in the field of Hospitality IT Consulting, a very complex and ever-changing field. He is the most knowledgeable telecommunication and Hospitality consultant I have had the pleasure of meeting and his work is without peer. I would not hesitate to use Les and his company in the future.”

Michelle Hollingsworth Sales Director at CoreSite: “I have had the pleasure of partnering with Les in the past where we collaborated together to deliver value to companies such as Holiday Inn. Les’s experience in the vertical market of hospitality allows his customers to concentrate on their core competencies and trust Les’s consultancy experience to deliver the right solution to their challenges. He has managed very large opportunities with some of the largest and most well-known hotels in the world. What sets Les apart is his leadership and ability to manage and complete projects on time and below or at budget. His clients trust his judgment and recommendations and he maintains long standing relationships over many years. His clients continue to refer him to new projects within the hospitality industry due to his expertise and past success.”

Michael (Mick) Sawka, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at CLP Central LLC: “Les is a highly regarded, proficient and objective telecommunications consultant specializing in and well known throughout the global hospitality sector.”

Susan Kuttner Schiffman, Creative Partnerships, Principal: “As Executive Director of the Society of Telecommunications Consultants from 1994 – 2001, I worked closely with Les. He was a dedicated member of the Board of Directors and brought a high quality of work and a wonderful sense of humor to all that he did. In my own consulting career, I worked with consultants like Les, conducting interviews with regard to their clients. Les has an amazing reputation for serving his clients with the expertise of many years of experience. I would recommend Les to anyone.”

Kevin Ruhman, Divisional Vice President Sales & Marketing Remington Hotels: “Les Spielman is an experienced and highly sought-after Hospitality consultant to leading hotel companies and management groups worldwide. Many of our mutual hotel clients have engaged Les and his Company on their complex IT initiatives, and through his sage advice, have worked through some very complex projects with great success, which they could not have done otherwise without Les’s guidance and detailed execution.”

Steve Futrell, EVP, Strategy & Sales at Voice Carrier: “It is a pleasure for me to recommend Les Spielman as one of the most experienced network and systems consultants in the hospitality industry. His many years of hard work in the hospitality industry gives him my highest respect.”

Tom Eggemeier, Operational focused executive now in private equity: “Les is incredibly knowledgeable about the hospitality industry, its business model, its communication needs, and the key players in the industry. Les is a straight shooter and knows how to work with different companies to make innovative solutions. Bottom-line, when I think hospitality in North America, I think Les.”

Terence Ronson, Founder, Hospitality Pro, IT Consultant, Gerontech Expert, Public Speaker, Mentor, Blogger, Inventor & Cigar Aficionado: “For the many years I’ve known Les, he’s been a standup guy and very professional in the way he goes about conducting business and balancing it with family life. He is extremely well known and deservedly respected in the industry. His project work has been lauded by industry peers. It goes without saying that I would recommend him and his organization. I fervently look forward to the day when we can finally partner on some global projects, creating a wonderful synergy of our various strengths and resources.”

Larry Kollie, Consultant at Inspired Data Solutions: “Les Spielman, having been involved with the hospitality market for many years, knows the industry inside and out from front desk to back office and everything else in between. He has been involved in numerous hospitality projects throughout his career and has considered NEC solutions for a number of his global clients. He is very thorough in examination of his client’s requirements and makes sure they get the best solutions for their business. When it comes to vendor selection Les is quite knowledgeable about what they have to offer and again includes those vendors who will best service his clients. I highly recommend Mr. Les Spielman for any hospitality consulting project.”

Laura Weissenberger, Assistant Department Head: “Les is an exceptionally smart, client focused professional. He knows his business and always keeps the client’s best interest at the forefront. It’s been a privilege to work with Les over the years, and I look forward to working with him in the future.”

Tony Graci, President at Cultural Exchange Dimensions, Inc: “I’ve been in the telecommunications and related fields for over 30 years and have known Les Spielman for over 20 of those years. He is by far the most knowledgeable and professional consultant that I have come across. I would recommend his services to anyone with great confidence.”

Carlo Wolff, Freelance writer: “Les is one of the most knowledgeable people I know when it comes to telecommunications–and hotel technology in general. Not only can he explain the field, he can also solve problems. Turn to him for enlightenment–and an uptick in your business.”

Michael Sennett, Unified Communications Consultant: “I have known Les for about 9 years now and he has always been the person that talks about technology well before it happens in the real world. He has a keen vision for the technologies and applications that are going to make a real impact to the hospitality market. He stays current with the market segment as well as the technology side and ensures his customers understand the tangible benefits when new technology is discussed. I have always turned to Les to get the pulse of the hospitality market and he has yet to fail me in providing the details. He provides straight forward and honest information and is a person you can trust in the service he provides. I would recommend Les to any of my customers at any time.”

Kevin Lee Miller, Creative Director / Supervising Producer / Editor / Screenwriter: “Reliable, resourceful, resolute… a creative problem-solver with a great sense of humor and a world of experience. Both his confidence and his enthusiasm are infectious. Whether as a team leader or a teammate, Les is the man I want at my shoulder when the going gets tough.”

George Feldman Chairman & CEO at Effective Media Services: “I am the Chairman & CEO of Effective Media Services. We provide a computer service (GRiP it!) that optimizes the planning & placement of on-air promotion advertising campaigns for Cable Networks, Broadcast Networks and TV Stations both within the US and internationally throughout the world. Our telecommunications costs were growing at an alarming rate. Les and his company Hospitality Automation developed, implemented and successfully oversaw the installation of a Voice Over IP communication system that enabled us to continue to grow our business. His professionalism, attention to detail and follow-through speaks loudly for his ability and character.”

Freddy Kalles, Vice President of Business Development & Partner at HYVE WORKS, LLC: “I have seen Les work with several of his clients. Les has always been meticulous in his recommendations. He walked clients through some extremely complex issues. Les always makes sure that his clients always make decisions based on THEM being clearer and more knowledgeable of the product, service or business model they are contemplating. Les is also quite professional and candid in his approach and manner with his clients and their vendors.”

Michael Driscoll, Sr. Wireless & Access Specialist at Irvine Company: “I have had the opportunity to consult and collaborate with Les for a number of years. He is very engaging, inventive, and detailed in his work. He has a proven track record for delivering solutions and creating tremendous customer value with a high level of integrity.”

Denise Munro, Senior Communications Technology Consultant, Novom Group Principal Consultant, CRG Telecom Sr Consultant, Gap Solutions: “Les Spielman has a deep desire to overdeliver excellence to his clients. He has the highest of ethical standards that are demonstrated in everything he does. His honest, no-nonsense approach is refreshing. He is a highly skilled technology professional I would recommend for any complex technology project.”